Please take note that the Ante-nuptial Contract will have to conform to certain standards and prescriptions in order for the Registrar of Deeds to accept and register it. Although anyone with enough knowledge could probably draft an Ante-nuptial Contract, only an attorney who is a Notary may tend to the registration thereof. In order to be legal, the Ante-nuptial Contract must be signed in his presence by you and your spouse, OR by someone you both had given Power of Attorney to.


We have therefore simplified the whole drafting, signing and registration process to enable us to register anyone’s Ante-nuptial Contract, no matter where in South Africa you reside:

  • We will respond and furnish you with a spreadsheet requiring the information needed; 
  • Complete the spreadsheet and submit the required information, together with copies of your Id Documents;
  • You will receive a invoice and upon payment thereof, you will receive your draft contract for approval;
  • Once you have approved the contract, simply sign and fax it to us for Notarisation, where-after it will be sent for registration;
  • You will be notified of registration by e-mail;
  • Once the registered Ante-nuptial Contract has been received back, it will be scanned;
  • A copy of the registered contract will be e-mailed to you, with a request for your latest postal address;
  • Upon confirmation of your postal address, the original contract will be sent to you via overnight mail.


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