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We mainly specialize in getting rid of debt by offering our clients various debt solutions, including voluntary bankruptcy applications for individuals, liquidation applications for companies and close corporations. We also tend to forced sequestration and liquidation applications on behalf of creditors who wish to pursue insolvency inquiry procedures.


Why choose us? Simply because:

* Our Insolvency Division operate on a national basis, across South Africa;

* We were the first law firm in South Africa to offer online insolvency solutions;

* Our Insolvency Division has been in operation since 1995;

* Our online presence dominates the internet, without paid adverts;

* We have national infrastructure that evolved over more than two decades;

* The process involved has been refined over many years to cater for your specific needs;

* Only our firm is recommended by the AttorneysDirectory for Insolvency Law;

* Our firm act as the exclusive attorneys of Bankruptcy24.co.za;

* Only our firm has access to the software developed by EZ Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd.


Our law firm consists of professional attorneys as well as para-legal staff who qualify as experts in Insolvency Law and certain Matrimonial Matters. We have build our reputation on expertise, innovation and commitment to our clients.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further clarification  or information on any matter discussed on our website.


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